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Emil Syundyukov
CTO at Longenesis
Researcher at University of Latvia, Faculty of Computing (DF LAB Digital Health Project Studio)

Limitation for accelerating collaborative research has long existed before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Within the Pandemic crisis, the challenge was raised and the interest was shown by multiple industries, seeing the biomedical and healthcare topics as a cornerstone for "getting back to normal". Laying in the challenges within siloed, unharmonized biomedical datasets and legal aspects, also including challenges of patients and population engagement into the research initiatives.

During the presentation, we will talk about how technologies can be used as a modern "screwdriver", for identifying and unlocking the hidden value of biomedical data to accelerate the novel drug and treatment discovery and provide better help to those of need. I will also talk about the ways how we can use digital tools to engage society in scientific, public health initiatives, providing value on an individual level, as well as building a digitized bridge between society and researchers/policymakers, to walk hand-in-hand towards data-driven decision-making in healthcare.


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